Ananthraj ksheerasagar

Ananthraj ksheerasagar

Farmoid Robotech Pvt. Ltd.

“I was always fascinated by entrepreneurship and listened to podcasts as a kid. I never saw myself becoming one since I wanted to study vehicle dynamics and work as a lead design engineer for an automobile company. I would always want to explore other areas and do something for the people in order to bring about social change.I was in my final year of mechanical engineering and had to submit my final year project, so I worked on a similar type of project, developing an agriculture robot. During the pandemic, every sector was badly affected, especially the agritech sector. Farmers were going bankrupt which resulted in an increase in suicide rates. I did my research, began working on it and my project was chosen by IIsc.Since I started my entrepreneurial journey right after my graduation, it was a tough and new experience for me to adjust to the start-up ecosystem and corporate world. There were many ups and downs in maintaining a healthy team and building trust among people. Entrepreneurship has taught me to be self-assured and to work outside of my comfort zone. It has taught me the importance of networking as an entrepreneur in order to grow your business and ideas. Life does not always go as planned or imagined, but it will always find its own way to get you where you want to go if you just keep following your passion, working hard, and being patient.”

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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