Shrenik Shah

Shrenik Shah


"As a child I never thought of being an entrepreneur. However, my life 2.0 innovated with courage into exceptional opportunities as a global captivating influencer and inspirational speaker, mentor. millions of lives to adapt Freedom From FEAR & by illustrating my cancer-winning journey being a stage IV vocal cord cancer survivor in the 25th year from Ahmedabad.I have done 150+ live, in-person global interviews talk shows as 1st speaker ever in premier Medical colleges, Universities, at India’s 2nd largest Gujarat Cancer & Research Hospitals, international conferences, received 1000+ commendations.I touched 2.5 million people at the grass-root level by anchoring live telecast by invitation from the state government of Gujarat about cancer awareness,I am into International marketing where speaking is the most essential factor which I lost at the age of 44. When I started speaking using a handheld electrolarynx device, leading a dependable retired life. I chose the 1st option; innovated life 2.0 as a global captivating influencer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, mentor, advocate. My biography, 'Shahenshah' will be published in June 2020. I have also published 150 Inspirational videos in 150 days posted on Facebook, Instagram,LinkedIn, YouTube & the personal web page. Conceptualized, launched, anchored, moderating; streaming Facebook live 1:1 exclusive e-Health series for the first time as a vocal cord cancer survivor.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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