Balaji Jayaraj

Balaji Jayaraj

BJ360 [Personal and Professional Development]

“From great fathers to my dad, everyone was into business and entrepreneurship. It was in my blood. My dad was a great and successful businessman. I have travelled with him since childhood and learnt a lot from him. I also learned my leadership skills from him.When I reached college, my thoughts of starting my ventures were at their peak, but I was not clear about what I would start. After completing my master's in the UK and Ireland, I found myself getting into the area of Personal and Professional Development. I started my business in 2017.The concept I had in mind was fresh and new to the market. It was built on action and social-based learning. We were taking the candidates to the real-time world and training them. We customised the services according to the candidate's needs and wants.Being an entrepreneur is an ongoing process that has no end. Every day I learn something new. I am still learning how to handle market challenges to sustain my brand. It requires a lot of patience, and a calm mind is vital to keep the business running. He helped me attain the Best Entrepreneur Award 2019 awarded by Enterprise Ireland, International Youth Icon 2019 awarded by Lincoln University of College, Malaysia and one of the Top 100 Leaders in Education awarded by GFEL, Dubai.”

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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