Harsh Dua

Harsh Dua


“I came from a lower-middle-class family, and this pushed me to have a clear focus on my goal to become rich someday for sure. While as a child, I watched many people earn a lot of money. When I asked my father how to become rich, he said that study hard and become a doctor, engineer, or stuff like that. My father always motivated me to become successful.At 17, when I joined college, some entrepreneurs visited us and taught us some very beautiful lessons. That was the trigger point, I took an oath to become an entrepreneur. At 18, I started my first business as a direct seller by taking products from manufacturers and selling them to customers. This helped me gain valuable experiences, which is still helping me in my present business.I had no mentor whatsoever. Whatever I learned was from watching videos and reading books. I started during my college days, and now my company is up and running successfully. But all through my life I had very few supporters. Most people were saying that you cannot do anything in your life and similar stuff. Although they tried to break me, I never lost self-confidence and continued on my way. Do not care whether people are supporting you or not. Just focus on your goals. I believe self-confidence is very important to think out of the box. Plan your goals, and start working on them. And with all these, you will succeed someday.”

State : Punjab

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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