Saumya khurana and Sakshi khurana

Saumya khurana and Sakshi khurana

Own Business

"Saumya knew she would build her own clothing label at a very young age. She was always very fashion oriented and loved designing clothes. Sakshi didn’t think of becoming an entrepreneur initially, but after completing her engineering and MBA, she realised her true potential lied somewhere else.The thought of starting their own label was initiated by Saumya during lockdown. When life stopped for everyone, theirs just started. It took them several months to build a business plan that suited both of them. Finally, in February 2021, they launched their first Indian wear collection.The biggest challenge was limited resources, starting a business from scratch and lack of funds. With proper planning they managed their limited resources to produce a wide variety of colours and styles.Being entrepreneurs was amazing yet hectic at the same time. From designing to handpicking fabric, everything had to be perfect. But the daily hustle felt good when they saw people loving their products and showering them with compliments.Their message to every budding entrepreneur is to work for themselves. Everything else will eventually fall into place.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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