Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

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“Well, I don’t think so. To be honest with you, I always insist on giving opportunities to beginners. We live in a society where only professionals get validation and beginners have to face severe struggles. Even though I was also a beginner, I know how it feels like to be one. And after everything, I used to hear people love talking about doing something of their own or maybe starting a firm or stuff like that. and now I am happy that I doing the same along with my best friend. After dropping out of college I had an idea. Together with my best friends, I started my first venture. No matter how lucrative it looks; the journey wasn't so easy. Living a hectic life full of calls and meetings, and dealing with clients was quite an am ordeal! Yet this is so good. You get to learn so much and get to build new connections too. things are improving gradually and I am proud of the team and also our entire community that has enthusiasts from all walks of life.While in the beginning, it was hard for me too. Then I started adapting to the changes of the modern market. And this is where my vision comes into play. I want to build my community around the youngsters and no matter what society thinks, this is my vision. But all-in-all I think that one should trust the process and keep hustling. And most importantly think about what you can do for the betterment of society. Also, whenever you can, give a chance to a beginner. They are the future support and help them grow today.”

State : Chhattisgarh

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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