Rashmi Shetty and Leon D'Souza

Rashmi Shetty and Leon D'Souza

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"As a child, Leon always wanted to do something different. Entrepreneurship happened by chance. Rashmi admits that without Leon, her co-founder, she wouldn’t have dared to consider entrepreneurship! She found the courage to delve into the world of entrepreneurship with the help of her husband and parents as well.They began their business 5 years ago. For Leon, the idea was to do good work, backed by quality and thought, and to work closely with startup founders to help build their brands. The first few months were difficult since in PR, business came by only with trust and recommendations. He met Rashmi in 2015 at a social gathering. They clicked and have been in sync till this date.Rashmi agrees that they have learnt a lot of things along their fantastic journey! Ups and downs are part of any business, but she believes that one needs to stay strong, resolute and tenacious throughout. Hiring hardworking, honest and loyal people like themselves is what their current team represents.Rashmi’s biggest challenge has been to stay strong when the chips are down. She fights back by staying consistent and delivering honestly. As for Leon, he believes every problem has a solution. The power is to believe in yourself and have faith that your own learnings, knowledge and wisdom will guide you through the way".

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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