Nimish Keshri

Nimish Keshri


"As a child, I never thought I would be able to actualise my imagination of making something on my own. As a very typical boy from a town, I would take care of my own family business when I grew up.There were two points in my life when I thought I wanted to bring a change to society. First, while moving from school to university and second, entering into the corporate world from university. I realised there was a vast difference between what was being taught to us and what was required to jump to the next level of life.Becoming an entrepreneur was completely unplanned. There were phases of planning, testing, throwing imaginative barriers, working on alternatives, implementing, succeeding, failing, and repeating the cycle for structuring different pillars of SkillVertex. It took some days to put the knowledge and skills to work on research, innovation, imagination, creativity, and other days.The biggest challenge and gift in my life currently is SkillVertex. W is still in its infancy, and I see us talking in the future as I speak of today. I believe the most significant achievement for me today is how a boy with only an idea has laid the foundations of SkillVertex. And for the brilliant youth of India with a fire and burning desire inside, the only thing I would want to convey is to be consistent in learning your skill and never give up on the idea and the desire to realise it. After having a failed attempt or a demotivating lousy day, pull yourself together and look far into the future. Never give up. A very bright and brilliant future awaits you. Work to live it."

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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