Devika Kaushal

Devika Kaushal

Curated by Elysian

"While I was young, I always thought I could maximize my creative and professional capabilities in an environment conducive to growth and experience. Before venturing onto my entrepreneurial journey, I tried to gather whatever knowledge and experience I could get my hands on, to upgrade and prepare myself for this journey. The idea came with my friend about the most special ingredient on our birthdays, i.e., that unique curated gift, that resonated with who we were.After completing my graduation, I worked in different sectors as a Marketing Consultant. This helped me in gaining better work experiences. Each step I focused on, ultimately shaped my passion for making this company as you are seeing it today. Curated by Elysian, takes on the task of personally curating boxes with the sultry hand-picked elements personifying your individual tastes with our own personal touch of “gravitas”. The biggest challenge for me so far has been to establish the business amidst the pandemic. The constant hiccups coupled with the unpredictable nature of the work together posed to me a different kind of struggle. The key solution however was to build patience and continue working.I have always believed that there is no end to learning from the people around you. I want to implement this motto in every possible way. And always keep in mind that when you Do what you love, you won’t work for a day in your life!”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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