Neel Oza

Neel Oza


"Nothing sudden, for I always used to admire people with ‘huge cameras and lens’ roaming worldwide and capturing everyone's smile. It intrigued me how they have their own vision to see the world through those small glasses and preserve it for a lifetime. I craved those all through my childhood. At 19, I started my career in this field. My friends and family always appreciate my photography skills. They encouraged me to pursue my dream further. And very soon I started receiving orders. I was amazed observing how immersed I was in my work.I realized that the world through these lenses made me a different person with a unique perspective. From 2019-21, these three years were like a new beginning of my life. I had no background or any godfather when i entered this Industry. I faced several ups and downs, I was also called as a photographer at the Tata Mumbai Marathon which is Asia's largest marathon. I have made all kinds of films, and am also interested in experiencing various projects in my field. My role for any project is to be a cinematographer. I provide services including wedding photography, behind the scenes, house warming, fashion, food, candid, videography, cinematic wedding, and others. Don't step back before trying. Follow your passion and get up again every time you fall. Remember, falling isn’t a failure, but a lesson to remember to move ahead. Be your own motivation and try, then success will surely be yours.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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