Abhinav Das

Abhinav Das

Intenext Solutions Pvt. Ltd

“At a time when people were migrating to big metropolises as destinations of technological advancements, I felt Patna could be a much better choice to excel in my field.Growing up I saw farmers in my locality struggling to sell their produce in the market. Apart from this, there were other challenges troubling farmers like arranging logistics, finding buyers, and getting the right prices and I wanted to solve this.My company lived up to clients' expectations and with good words, goodwill started spreading and now I work with a team of 50+. The challenges and expectations only grow with time. During the pandemic when Indian agriculture was facing a crisis at the forefront, my other venture came forward to help local farmers and rural entrepreneurs. I realized that there were many services delivering products to the doorstep of customers in metros, but there was no such service for farmers. Our venture has helped 100+ farmers from across Patna.Starting from the E-office File tracking to implementing paperless work culture, Bihar Government offices have free access to valuable data on government sites. It has been a nice upward journey for the state. Leaders now have devoted IT cells at their offices to manage the social networking sites. The 2015 and 2020 assembly elections showed high-pitched IT-induced advertisement wars between political parties. People like us have now become hidden war room heroes.The sense of being a successful entrepreneur is a constant guiding principle. It is a satisfaction to wear a cap of being one of the leaders in my field.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : IT and BPM

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