Honey Grewal

Honey Grewal


"Around 2005, I always wanted to do my own work but did not know how to harness the capacity of my work as a business or become an entrepreneur until and unless I became a part of Dhriti foundation’s entrepreneur programs in 2017.The journey has been quite exciting and fulfilling at many levels. I did not have anyone doing my kind of work so it was like marking my trail in the forest for others to follow, if they wish to. Lots of hit and trial methods. Lots of breaking of the conditioning of companies' mindset towards my work. A lot of time would be spent on explaining the how’s, when’s and what’s about what I do. After the pandemic and awareness around mental health people are more receptive and open and understand my line of work. The end product/outcome is very tangible and sometimes the results come much later.ake life as an experience that you are having and do not attach to the result as the final outcome can be beyond your mind limited knowing and you can miss out on the vastness of the experience if you expect a certain conditioned outcome which is framed by our minds limited past experiences and knowing."

State : Punjab

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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