Divya Sijwali

Divya Sijwali


“There comes a time in everyone’s life which is the transformative phase. My team and I stumbled onto a new concept in May 2021: producing attractive and comfy footwear out of old, discarded tyres, like a trendy and environmentally beneficial step towards a brighter future. We focused our efforts on achieving this goal, and Tyron was born as a result. Every footprint matters in the quest to save the earth.Our shoes not only protect your feet, but they also help you safeguard the environment. And we at Tyron design footwear to give you the feeling of - Footwear for a better life. Tyron, which derives its name from the word Tyre, reflects eco-conscious consumerism ideas as well as the desire to be distinctive and comfortable in our own shoes. Tyron wants you to feel good about yourself and the earth as we work to achieve 100 per cent sustainability by implementing practices that promote real equality and environmental ethics.What we do is centred on upcycling. Without using any chemical treatments, we upcycle mounds of scrap rubber from old tyres, conveyor belts, and rubber mats to manufacture soles for our footwear. We've also tried upcycling cork, which, when coupled with locally and ethically produced raw materials like jute, cotton, and other natural fibres, produces really comfortable and environmentally friendly footwear. Our team won the Happy Earth Sustainability Award for FedEx's first-ever International Trade Challenge 2021. You don't have a pair yet? Tyron has a great selection of long-lasting vegan flip flops for men and women.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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