Shobhit Singh

Shobhit Singh

Finamics Club

“I had no plans on entering the world of stock market and making a career in it was the last thing I would think of as a science student.It all started when I took a year drop after passing intermediate exams for engineering. One day, while randomly scrolling, I came across a video of a stock analyst who was explaining the importance of value investing and how untouched the Indian Stock Market really is. It was the moment when I knew that this might be something worth trying and learning about.I didn't pay much heed to it and focused on my exam preparation. After clearing the exam, I got admission into a university to study Chemical Engineering. While still in the fresher year I noticed that there were clubs or communities for every hobby and interest for the students but there was not a single club for stock market enthusiasts or for financial literacy. I saw an opportunity. Like an entrepreneur, I tried to capitalise on the opportunities present provide the best and efficient solution for everyone’s benefit. The observed problem of absence of a strong community for value investors or traders led me and my team to work hard so as to establish a club-cum-community. In today’s world it is as important for us to be financially literate as it is to hold a graduate degree. You can earn money from a job but a job won't teach you how to invest your savings and let the money work for you.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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