Akriti Khatri

Akriti Khatri

Venus Detective

"As a child I never thought of choosing detective as a profession. However, it was a hobby to get the information. I used to find it very Interesting. To find someone's information. Although I never thought that this could be one of my career paths.The biggest challenge for every entrepreneur or anybody who has such a different profession comes from the Family itself. Well together, like all popular Indian families believe you should have a white-collar job abroad. The first opposition comes from your family. And another challenge is that you need to be on time and active enough to meet all the deadlines.I am proud of myself that however hard the path was I managed to become what I wanted to. In a country like ours, pursuing a female detective profession is somewhat rare. Most of them are not able to build up the courage to do something unique. I find it as my biggest achievement that I was able to stand for myself.If anyone wants to become a detective, my advice for them is you need to be confident enough to do something different and you should be passionate enough to pursue it as your profession.My only message to everyone is to believe in yourself and do something that you really like. If you think you can do it, then just go for it. You can never be too late to do something you like. And you need to give 100% of yourself in it."

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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