Aman Raj Gupta

Aman Raj Gupta

The Thin Elephant

“Belonging to a family with generations of great businessmen, an entrepreneurial mindset came very naturally to me. My curiosity for things and studying the market started in my school days. It was in my college when I explored this curiosity properly.It started with a passion for trying different food to develop a B2B restaurant service ecosystem. My business was launched with the aim to district the supply chain ecosystem and reduce the wastage of food in this sector.My world changed completely after becoming an entrepreneur; from being a job seeker to becoming a job giver and from sitting in lectures to actually giving guest lectures in colleges. In 2020 we opened our Public Relations and Marketing wing.There were many challenges that I faced, like being out of funds for projects, coordination issues, etc. all of which could be solved with good communication skills with your team and clients. But the biggest problem I faced was presenting my idea to clients and making them aware of my vision. From cold emails to spam, I tried every method possible and I was fortunate enough that it worked for me!My journey like any other founder was full of ups and downs. However, it had a deep learning curve attached to it which helped me to grow as an individual.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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