Divyanshu Pateria

Divyanshu Pateria


"In my childhood, I never thought of entrepreneurship, but with time I became curious about my future plans. Business always fascinated me, I always felt that new heights can be reached through this stream of career but my family was job oriented. However, with time and research, my inquisitive nature drove me to take the step of starting a venture of my own.I decided to build my own startup. As I am good with teaching and have a vision for educational transformation in India. I took education as my domain and finally started TDPVista.It was never an easy journey. The frequency and intensity of challenges increase once you start the company. In the beginning, It was like an one man army. Slowly with innovative ideas, vision, and execution, it flourished. With time I gradually built a team to manage, discuss and execute ideas.Taking the first step then working on it for years to flourish it, is the biggest challenge I faced. To be patient with dealings and taking decisions wisely inspite of the chaos is also a challenge. But once a company reaches that stability, you can try on with different ideas on it, things become a little easier. But yes, hurdles never end. Managing deadlines, working efficiently with staff are never-ending challenges.My message to the younger generation is you must try out your ideas at least once and understand that making mistakes is a part of life. Parents should be supportive of their child’s decision and show trust in them"

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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