Kavya Gupta

Kavya Gupta


"As a child I aspired to be a lot of things at different junctures, but I always knew that all through this I wanted to create or curate something that I could call my own.After working as a Designer with various firms in Pondicherry and Bangalore and gaining ample knowledge of the various raw materials and their potential, I realised that I could come up with my own exclusive designs and roll out my collection under a unique brand name.My initial challenge was to outsource my products. Since I am based out of North India and my products are manufactured in various regions of South India, there was a lack of technical knowledge on how and the subsequent challenge of assembling everything once it arrived. The second challenge has been pricing. Given that the raw materials we use are sustainable and organic, they come at their own price which leads to the overall cost shoot up of the end product. It was and it still is a challenge to get people to accept this fact and crack sales on the pretext of my company products being an environment friendly product.I feel proud of being inspired and working with some of the most talented French designers in Auroville and Pondicherry. In a bid to build my brand presence, we had our first ever magazine feature this year. We were able to establish a physical and online store space in 2021 despite all the challenges faced."

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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