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Smriti Bhatia

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"At a young age, I had no plans in mind to be an entrepreneur. I wanted to become an IT professional which was pursued as my job for 13 years. Becoming an entrepreneur happened much later in my work career.I can also say that meeting challenges, client management, customer satisfaction, constantly researching new vendors with unique and latest trends have been interesting to deal with.Having the strength with content and showcasing it in various ways. All this has always kept me engrossed and motivated in my journey and made it more joyful and exciting. According to be the word Journey has a very meaningful full form i.e., J- juggling o- opportunities u-uniqueness r- risks n- networking e- engaging y- yearningThe biggest challenge I faced in my entrepreneurship journey was, when our chocolates were copied. Our designs and fusions were being copied a lot by many around. Overcoming it was a thought process change to 'great work is often copied, be happy and move on because every person/brand has its journey and energies.’My message to the world and every young mind standing out there is, have faith in whatever you do, in divinity, in yourself, in the universe. Visualize good and what manifests is in accordance, love and spread love, count your blessings and be grateful. Support wherever you can, keep your efforts on, and work towards your new goals. Contribute to lives and bring smiles."

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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