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Vivek Anand

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Success comes at a cost in terms of setbacks, failures & rejections. I have faced too many of them. In fact, in my second career innings, I am still fighting with those...I am in love with themAfter 2 decades of a successful career in Training, Learning & Education, I was pushed back to the drawing board. I was trying to switch career to HR, something I had developed serious love for.There were a series of rejections, yes I had to undergo the same scanner, Qualification & Relevant Experience .But, yes there is always something that you don't know and I chose to acknowledge and learn those. I am a learner.The top 3 career success mantras for me:1. Open to Learn 2. Share what you learned 3. Be ready to accept that you do not know everythingIn my second innings, I am supporting Small & Medium Businesses in adapting a healthy n effective People framework and also mentor hr professionals to help them improve their hr skills

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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