Reethan Doijode

Reethan Doijode

HyCube Works

“Growing up in a business environment, I could see first-hand the ups and downs in my days of early learning. In my early teens, I was fascinated with technology and the way the world was adopting digitization of processes. During my time at university, I was always engaged in problem solving activities and creating value.I started my entrepreneurship journey at the age of 20 and established 3 Successful ventures from the silicon city of India serving across the world. Mine was one amongst top 7 Ventures for Mobility programs by Maruti Suzuki and was also featured in Times Next Super 30.I Always envisage the problems and segment them in simple steps. As a problem solver, I believe that I can create a pragmatic change in the lives of the people by the innovative manufacturing industry and I am capable of revolutionizing the market so that it can adapt to a more customized and entrepreneurial path.A true entrepreneur has a vision for the future and goals to achieve. In every journey, the path matters and many times, the path becomes difficult with non-calculated hurdles. However, it should not stop you from reaching your goal. Always focus on a wider vision, not on just immediate problems.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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