Priyanshu Mishra

Priyanshu Mishra


“It always amazed me how technology can allow you to reach out to so many people, simultaneously being an extension of your ability to make a difference in the world. I had the goal of working with cutting-edge tech and making products with an impact since the beginning.I am currently in the second year of pursuing a bachelor's in computer science engineering and working as a software developer while collaborating with European venture capital firms. This time I had both the experience and the expertise, to start a technology company and was determined to pursue this path as a career.I was exposed to a new world of possibilities and opportunities in the femtech sector. I used to notice that my partner used to have a very hard time during her menstruation and so I made a yoga plan for her to help her deal with menstrual cramps and that magically worked! And it was at that moment we knew what was going to be our next venture. I learned about so many problems that women face but never talk about because of the stigma attached to the issue. However, this only fuelled my motivation to make the venture a reality. Our mission is to empower every single woman during her menstruation and beyond.By initiating the conversations about the stigmas of menstruation, we can make our workplaces and societies more inclusive towards menstruating women.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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