Ruchika Arora

Ruchika Arora

Astro Ruchika Arora

“I always used to get upset whenever I used to see anyone in pain or discomfort. I had this feeling of wanting to help people which I felt was not possible in most jobs. I, thus began to carve my journey of entrepreneurship. I started taking astrology sessions at Cafe Coffee Day. When a lot of people started taking sessions, I realized I needed an office to work out of. I took my first big step by myself in 2015 by taking an office. I did everything from choosing the place to buying the furniture. It is running successfully till date.Astrologers are always portrayed in certain clothes or in a particular way, so when people started coming to me for a session, they used to be amazed by my age and appearance. It was very difficult for them to believe in such a young astrologer but with time I crossed every barrier with my accurate predictions. People started praising me for my work and then I finally got my first very precious award in 2017.My work is all about guiding people as I always say that astrology is a road map. We may have finalized the destination but can improve our routes. With every sip you take in a coffee cup reading, your past present or future can be revealed. You may come with an anxious mind but will be guaranteed to leave with a peaceful and positive one.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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