Sauransh Bhardwaj

Sauransh Bhardwaj


“I belong to a service-class family, where my father is a lawyer and my grandfather a soldier. But I always wanted to become my boss. Larger packages and 9-5 schedules don’t attract me. Besides watching Shark Tank US as a kid, I loved what they did and the way they executed their ideas. But given my service-driven family background, I always wanted to break the norm. It was in 8th grade, that I came across the word entrepreneur.I always thought that the founders of companies are businessmen, but an entrepreneur is much more than just a businessman. My interests directed me to become an engineer. My family has supported me all along. I never knew the skills we learn in engineering and computer science are one of the core skills for an entrepreneur. This gave me an edge to mould my dream of becoming my boss! For me, each day is a new learning day. After I’ve become an entrepreneur, I have become more patient, a better thinker, and a smart worker. Today, I interact with founders of other companies and Venture Capitalists whose advice makes me confident about what I am building right now. The initial challenge however was to make people believe in my idea, as well as build a team, who would be equally passionate about the concept.And for the budding entrepreneurs, remember to START EARLY! By early, I don’t mean curating ideas all the time, but executing them! Experimenting in various domains while in school is the best time to explore entrepreneurship. You have your ideas, learn new skills to implement them and if you fail, Learning is your biggest takeaway.”

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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