Juhi Singh

Juhi Singh


My parents wished for me to succeed as a doctor. My adventure as a medical student began when I arrived in Delhi in October. During my first year of college, I worked with a variety of NGOs and served as the Delhi coordinator for a number of national-level organisations. In addition, I have volunteered with the United Nations Volunteers in India. During my 2nd year of college, I applied for a research internship at one of the FITT-IIT Delhi-incubated companies. During my internship, I discovered that there are a plethora of beneficial new goods made in IITs and NITs that the general public is unaware of. So we began to focus on all of the categories in which we could work, but the principle remained the same: "offering creative things that can everyday better the lives of people." After searching and analysing, we identified some products in the categories of cooking, cleaning, personal care, and kids. That's how InoKart got started!! India's First Innovative Home Utility Brand is InoKart. In a start-up, the most crucial thing is the quality of your product and the value of your brand. It's difficult to be a medical student while still running an e-commerce business. The most difficult task I had was assembling a devoted team. Second, having competent mentors is crucial. Finally, sales are an important aspect of any startup. Every firm relies on a steady stream of income to stay afloat. My single piece of advice is to never start a business because you've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Start it to address a problem that people are experiencing, and provide a solution through your business.

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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