Nishant Awasthi

Nishant Awasthi


"As a child, it wasn't something I thought, but rather something I became. And I am very glad to have chosen this course. We should never stop learning. Many people associate age, status, and certain accomplishments with the end of their education, but learning have given me the feeling of not being bound to anything and enabling me to accomplish almost anything I desire.It was difficult at first. I was very much lost on the whole concept of entrepreneurship. Everybody seems to think that entrepreneurs live a very lavish life, but the truth is far from it. People see only the rosy side of things. The truth is hidden from view behind the glamour of their lifestyles. There have been days and nights of endless work to achieve what I desired.As far as the journey of creating our tv platform went, it was tumultuous and challenging in the beginning. For me, it was a new arena. Initially, it was scary and intimidating, but with time I learned to cope and grew accustomed to it. And then I eventually overcame it. Of course, it took a lot of research to advance to where I am currently. Nothing is easy, that is for sure.It is never too late to follow your dreams and turn them into reality. I was very certain that being an entrepreneur was never my path. But working hard and believing in my dreams was the first step towards my goal, and you can attain it too."

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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