Kumardeep Majumder and Naved Ghani

Kumardeep Majumder and Naved Ghani

Bronsun's Tea

"I still don't consider myself an entrepreneur. I think of myself as more of a ‘starter’ than an ‘entrepreneur’. I do not come from a family of entrepreneurs and therefore I had the idea that after college a proper job is what could get you a sense of security and happiness. It was my parents, who encouraged me to do something of my own. My partner Naved came on board to start this journey along with me. I have always been passionate about tea and Naved came from a family who had business in the Food and Beverage Industry. Even when I used to practice in court, I used to blend teas and treat my colleagues at work. All this laid the foundation of starting our Tea brand.Over the period both myself and Naved faced several challenges. The situation became so terrible, that it became very difficult to execute our plan, the way we imagined it, but finally managed to launch it in March 21.We have served around 380 happy clients and 120 repeat order clients since our launch in March 2021.We strongly believe it takes the support of your loved ones and a village to build a business or a brand as nobody can be self-made. It is your customers, your parents, your employees, your friends and those several word of mouth which is behind the success that you are /will be”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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