Neha Chawla

Neha Chawla

Project Shiksha

"I have been a part of the corporate for more than a decade before finding my passion in giving back to the community. I always believed in education as a weapon to change the world. Entrepreneurship for me has always been a weapon to change the world, come up with solutions which are needed not just to make lives better but also to have a meaningful impact. Today, as a social entrepreneur and leading two-impact driven organizations, I find solace in coming up with better strategies and sailing through the crests & trough of being an entrepreneurI never gave a thought of becoming an entrepreneur, it was an organic transition. I was leading marketing in one of the ed-tech startups , during the pandemic I was in my hometown during the lockdown phase. I saw the plight of small non-profits being unable to embrace the digital space and felt the need to be heard to fuel their initiatives. I have always been passionate about writing & started with Impact Storytelling- featuring the untold stories of Nonprofits. This led to a network of 600+ Non-profits in >2 years! One platform leads to another.Challenges are a part of the eventful journey of being an entrepreneur & what’s a life without challenges, isn’t it. For me the biggest challenge was learning a new ecosystem, as a corporate veteran, I had my experience in HR & Marketing. Take the first step & see how it changes your life. If not success, it will definitely accelerate your learning graph & build more networks!"

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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