Deepayan Saha

Deepayan Saha

ObhinoboMon Pvt. Ltd

"While conducting business, you will feel that without your customers, you’re nobody. Not from childhood whatsoever, it all started on that day when one of my school teachers said that why only govt. Jobs, private services CA or CMA or CS are the only career options available, remember business is the best but the hardest option that you have inbuilt in your mind. And starting from that day onwards, I am trying to be a better entrepreneur every day.That small conversation has given me the strength and inspiration to face the challenges regularly and try to do better than yesterday. After my 11th exam was over, I thought about it for a while and a year later, I discovered that being an entrepreneur would be my ultimate goal.My primary plan for beginning a start-up was in December 2020. Although the actual journey began that next year with two beloved friends, Mr. Dipendra & Miss. Prajukta. We went through the process of setting up a private limited company for our venture. Beginning up with a private limited company is surely a challenging thing we do but that is the point where the story just began. More were about to come our way. Besides, monetary & legal obligations were the biggest problem that we are faced with.You probably have heard it before. But no matter what, always remember that Consumer's happiness is your biggest success.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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