Arpit Goyal

Arpit Goyal

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"I was always a curious person involved in cultural activities and inclined studies and creativity. I had very few friends and was always in the top 3 in my academics. Being from a business family, I was always around people who were risk-takers and discussed new possibilities. I used to sit among my Dad's friend circle looking at everyone's faces and listening to other conversations as if watching some dream series.I was doing my Certification in Film Making from Rajshree, Mumbai, when it clicked to my mind that commercial cinema is not my forte. I love sharing stories related to the person or an organisation. I started working with NGOs to share their stories. And one after the other, each NGO referred me ahead, and It helped me establish my business in Mumbai and start my own Entrepreneurial Journey.It's not a smooth journey with many ups and downs facing challenges with teams and projects. In Mumbai, I used to sleep in a cab while travelling to Churchgate from Goregaon. I was brave enough to take the uncharted path. Even though everyone was against me initially, I believed in myself. When I decided to take up filmmaking and animation as my career, my parents were completely against it. On realising that there was no other option left, I decided to run away from home till the day my parents were on the same page as his own. I have been so fortunate to live multiple lives in just one."

State : Rajasthan

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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