Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta

Neha Creation

"I never thought of becoming an entrepreneur in my life. But the pandemic turns a lot of people into entrepreneurs, including me. However, I can say that as my father is a businessman so I know a bit about how to run a business.Before the pandemic, I was an Operational Manager and I delivered a beautiful baby girl on 6th Aug 2019, so I was on maternity period till March 2020, But due to lockdown I have to leave my job to take care of my baby as we were locked down in our houses without any household help. And this turns into depression and it motivates me to go ahead and find my self-identity. So I decided to pursue art.I started it when I was low, almost lost my self- identity, going through unwanted circumstances due to covid and postpartum depression, that was in 2020. I started this Art Venture with No experience about business, no team, no funding, no support and definitely no long term plan. I spent hours drawing my art on the condition of sacrificing my sleep to find my identity and my happiness.Biggest challenge was to complete an M.Tech degree, it was tough to complete and it took me toward the depression and then I decided to drop that idea because I always have that confidence that whatever circumstances will come, I can find my way.My message to everyone is that there is a huge power in first step, strong purpose and there is no better time to make a difference you want to make in the world than NOW."

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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