Ajay sapkale

Ajay sapkale

Astrophilia Education

“When my colleague Ebrahim Vasi and I started this as an academic project in 2019 in NID, little did we know that it was going to change our lives very soon.During the project, we were studying the outreach sector of the space program in India. That is where we realized that the foundation for the outreach for space and proper space education doesn't exist in India at the fundamental level. Thus, we started with a simple vision of promoting space science among the children.Initially, we were working on developing space science laboratories for schools along with the workshop structures, expanding into the space science curriculum. In the process, we were constantly in touch with educators, teachers, students, and all the other stakeholders involved. Initially, we had conducted workshops with a few institutions, including the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Community Science Centre.One of the biggest challenges while designing was, how to convey the complex information about rockets or rovers in a simple manner. This is where the hands-on building approach and interactive media came into the picture. Both of us being from the design field had zero knowledge about starting and running a business. But once we decided that we are going to do it, there was no looking back. We learn new things every day and slowly make our way to the top. But everything we do and have done stemmed out from one of my favourite dialogues of all time. It is from the web series 'For all Mankind'. The plot revolves around the space race and moon landing.

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