Waste Bite

Waste Bite

Waste Bite with Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Waste Bite is a solution to reduce E-waste and create eco-friendly products like bubs, chargers, decorative items, etc. Waste Bite focuses on reducing, recycling, and reusing E-waste. We are a team of 5 members who want to solve the large-scale problem of E-waste. We have more than 30 regular customers; our largest sale is through social media. We are contacting gift shops and stationery for the direct delivery of our product in the market. We are getting excellent responses from them. We are soon launching a 3 in one solar battery charger, emergency light and Bluetooth speaker product in our market. We received seed money of Rs 10,000, and the expense on raw material and packaging was Rs 9,500. We earned Rs 7200 by selling products and have 16 orders in the pipeline. We have 30 stock in hand. Every product gets us a profit of Rs 80. To expand our business, we seek a warehouse and business mentorship. We also focus on marketing to increase our user base and brand awareness. We want to have a large distribution network and spread awareness about the increase in E-waste in our world.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Electronic Systems

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