Madhubani Mithila Paintings

We make classy products to restore the masses' love for their culture and heritage by going to the roots of our history. At Gulshan, we create hyper-personalized art pieces according to the client's needs, reviving the love for Madhubani paintings. We are planning to make stands for remotes and phones. We spent Rs 1000 and produced 40 units of products using 20 kg Multani Soil worth Rs 300, 5 Kg new paper for Rs 100, two units of colours for Rs 360, two painting brushes for Rs 40, and wages of Rs 200. We sold each product at Rs 100, making a profit of Rs 75 on each unit. We plan to expand our business, and we seek connections to retailers and access to new markets to sell our artistic products.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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