Tarini Lalani

Tarini Lalani


"As a child I never thought of becoming a homeopathic doctor but as I grew I learned many things. I took commerce in class 11th. After that I got an interest in business and I like seeing myself as a businesswoman .When I was in college my first year I started my internships and learnt many skills. While searching for a Content creator course I saw an ad for affiliate marketing and in my 3rd year of college I thought of doing it but I did not take any action just because I had to focus on my studies as my main aim was to become a child psychologist. So I started doing affiliate marketing when I was pursuing my masters.At first I got so many rejections and I thought of dropping out but then my mentor supported me guided me in every steps and I started growing I did more research and finally I decided to open my own company as a Mentorship where those who are facing problem in business those who are not growing can take help from us so that they can succeed in their business. And now I am a Professional Business mindset coach.My biggest challenge was when so many people were saying that it's totally a time waste even relatives also used to tell my mom that she is always being on phone wasting time and many people commented that You are mindset coach how you get highly paid clients, but I kept myself strong and I never gave up and now I am getting so many students and growing on a rapid pace.Raise your head high and leave all the fear which is there in your mind, behind. Never step back when the storm comes, instead face it with full courage. If you believe in yourself always then nothing seem impossible."

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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