Anubhuti Jain Mishra

Anubhuti Jain Mishra


“I was what you would call a middle-class kid, shy and typically raised for securing a high-paying job. Post my degree in Mechanical Engineering I started working with Reliance Power in 2011.I met Shray my husband in 2016 and after 1 year of dating we got married. Our marriage was no less than a filmy drama.I was working in Google then but life took a U-turn when I got pregnant in 2018 and my son Yuvaan was diagnosed with Posterior Urethral Valves in the 7th month of pregnancy. This in turn affected his kidneys and he was born premature. Given his condition, frequent hospital visits combined with new mom pressure, etc. everything put my career on a halt. All this didn’t even allow my body to recover post-delivery. But no this is not the tale of my kid, because post-delivery, the real problem started with my health.My skin glow was gone, hair fall, acne issues, body fat, and whatnot ! I tried all the commercial skin and hair care products but unfortunately, nothing worked for me. With a hope to recover my lost health, I switched to natural remedies. My first investors were my husband and sisters. They appreciated my idea and helped me in setting up my workshop.From there onwards, I became a solopreneur. From searching vendors, formulating products, packing, shipping, making videos, designing etc was all done by me.The biggest challenge was however not the business, but to take care of my new-born along with the business. Pandemic has taught us to follow a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. Let us switch to more natural alternatives to plastics & chemicals, and work together to fulfil our responsibility towards mother nature.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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