Ravi khandelwal and Vandana Gupta

Ravi khandelwal and Vandana Gupta


“It is rightly said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. And in my case, it happens to be my wife, also the co-founder and in-charge of the creative team of my enterprise. She pushed me that extra mile, to move forward and achieve my goals. Besides, my other motivating factor is my child Daksh.I was in the corporates, which provided me enough exposure to how MNCs work. My venture was a brainchild of two friends and their spouses, who discovered that the best place for our venture would be Jaipur, as it has a rich collection of ethics for women. Initially, all the founding partners did everything they could to make their venture stand out. Challenges are bound to be at the onset of a business. There were many hurdles and road bumps, but our passion kept ongoing.At the initial stage, the biggest challenge was to raise adequate funds. For this, I am immensely grateful to our investor Mr. Vivek Lodha, who opened new horizons for our business, besides funding it. The hardest decision was however to leave the well-paying job and become a job provider instead.Our success factor also depended on the fact that we curated a team of artisans and managers, who are passionate enough about our vision and put their constant efforts into it. I believe that there is no tried or tested method to be successful. A high-performing team, the ability to make bold decisions, and an enormous amount of hard work, can successfully contribute to curating you into a successful entrepreneur.For the newbies, remember that since you’re just starting, be ready to give it all and don’t fall prey to the herd call.”

State : Rajasthan

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