Amritaksha Chatterjee

Amritaksha Chatterjee


"As a child I didn't think of becoming an Entrepreneur, but with time, the interest grew. At the age of 15 late 2020, When I got inspired by my friend/brother Celebrity Author Mr. Durlav Sarkar, who was successful as an Entrepreneur.I had to work hard each and every day, to grow my business. Passing through hatred of competitors, the journey was tough enough. I've seen my friends becoming haters. It was July 2020, bored of the pandemic lockdown, I started my social media community to promote creativity of talented people. Within a few days, we completed our 1k journey. My friends became jealous, tried to hack the page, and abused us through fake accounts.Still, I didn't lose hope, though there were many haters, but they were nothing in front of a single true friend. That one friend's support is unforgettable. After a few days we completed 10k on Social Media. Published our own Magazine named - ELAHI GOPPO. Came to be known as - THE 1ST bengali community to publish their own Magazine. Won awards for BEST PHOTOGRAPHER, BEST SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST, BEST FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER, UNIQUE PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR. GOT YOURSELF APPROVED BY Glorious Book Of Records and Inkzoid Book Of Records.There is a great difference between a Businessman & an Entrepreneur. Not only profit gaining is our motive, our service must be valuable to our customers.I would like to tell everyone not to lose hope anytime. Even when you have hundreds of haters, but one true friend, one supporter is enough to defeat them.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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