Abhimanyu Sen and Banalata Sen

Abhimanyu Sen and Banalata Sen

Breaking Basmati

“We have been fostering our dreams of being entrepreneurs for the longest time. Abhimanyu knew at a very young age that he wanted to become a chef. I on the other hand studied law and was certain of pursuing a career as an Advocate. Until came a point when both of us very instinctively knew that food is where our heart is and we must do something about it. Like most small businesses that have emerged in the last two years or so, we too decided to actively pursue our passion and turn that into the business of our dreams.As you know, challenges are the way to success. Similarly, it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Abhimanyu got laid off right at the beginning of the first lockdown. The circumstances were difficult but we didn't lose hope. We received our first order out-of-the-blue. Our entrepreneurial journey started from there and with absolutely zero starting capital. The only support was with our first patron's booking money.The biggest challenge so far has been to keep our business afloat against all odds. The only thing we decided not to compromise on was the quality and quantity of our food.We are here because of our reliable and resourceful vendors/suppliers. If it weren't for them, starting a small business during a global crisis from our tiny home kitchen would have still been a distant dream. They are the backbone of our establishment.The only learning that we can share with aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay true to your roots and be honest about the product you're trying to sell. If you are earnest and sincere at what you do, people will connect with you. Keep dreaming the big dream, know that it always comes true.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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