Archana Roy

Archana Roy

Prayatna Foundation

"Growing up, we couldn't ignore but see the stark difference that prevails around us. Coming from ordinary backgrounds, we saw and experienced certain situations very closely and that made us realise that as responsible individuals we need to do whatever possible in our capacity to make things better for underprivileged people and our community as a whole.Our journey hasn’t been difficult as such because fortunately enough as we started our journey and went ahead.During the pandemic, we distributed e-learning devices to 100 female students coming from families which face difficulty in managing even one meal a day. We are still continuing to provide free internet connections to these devices to help the girls continue their studies. During the pandemic, we organised 2 vaccination camps for the underprivileged section of our society, catering to more than 2000 individuals. Along with that, we ran months’ long community kitchens in Sunderbans.We have a number of upcoming projects, while we are still engaged all along on a regular basis with health camps, relief kitchens, teaching the rudiments of self-defence, or supporting deserving students that need financial help. The three pillars of our strength remain Shiksha, Shakti, and Swasthya.The message we want to convey to the world by our work is- to get a global movement started to bring educational equilibrium, and give equal opportunities to men and women for a better and healthier tomorrow.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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