Suresh Reddy D & Apoorva Gururaj

Suresh Reddy D & Apoorva Gururaj make all their products from high fibre low carb ingredients like Seeds- Sunflower, Pumpkin,Melon,Flax etc directly sourced from Indian farmers from various parts of India.Secondly the choice of ingredients like fat in their products is not interesterified or hydrogenated or trans fat. With only 50+ products launched so far and 200 in the pipeline.They at, aim to be a brand with a larger presence in the world market being the world’s first and largest healthier packaged food brand.They envision being able to provide healthy alternative food products to nearly any product that a consumer uses today that is unhealthy, in the future making us a one stop solution.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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