Going to be Sunshine

Going to be Sunshine

Doodle art

Going to be Sunshine creates symbolic doodle art paintings that are unique and handmade. Every painting speaks a definite meaning like an owl painting signifies prosperity and wealth. Symbolism is effectively communicated through our handmade doodle art. We have received positive feedback for our products, and customers gift our doodle art to their loved ones on various occasions. Our products aren't seasonal and can be purchased anytime. We received a total investment of Rs 10000 and earned a total profit of Rs 2000 after selling three paintings and positive feedback from our clients. We intend to expand our reach manifold and promote our business. We plan to organize exhibitions for our paintings and exhibit them at art galleries, Indian habitat centers, Art fairs, etc. We seek an investment of Rs 90000.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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