Fit n' Vibez

Fit n' Vibez

Fit n' Vibez

At Fit n' Vibez, we provide in-person fitness classes for women and children at a reasonable price. We rented a place equipped with the required fitness equipment to train our customers. We reach our customers through e-posters, banners, pamphlets and social media. We have received good feedback from our customers and are delighted to see improvements in their overall well being. With the seed amount of Rs 10,000, we rented a room and got fitness equipment, a mirror, a speaker, etc. We have 21 customers, including 12 women and nine children, who happily attend our classes. We have made a profit of Rs 10,000 so far. We aim to expand our business and gather more women and inspire them. Our current space for training is insufficient; we need a better, more spacious room to accommodate more people and provide fitness classes. We also plan to place a greater focus on promotions and marketing.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Healthcare

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