Bhavin Patel

Bhavin Patel

Grace laboratory

Bhavin Patel’s aspiration has always been his ‘concern about health’. He is the man behind the success of Grace Laboratory which has been awarded as the Best Laboratory by the Leading Media Houses.His Innovation and Vision have turned him into a dynamic leader in bringing the best. State of the art Grace Laboratory is equipped with fully automated machines and with his techno-savvy approach to delivering accurate reports with a human touch. When covid started people didn’t understand what to do, they were confused. Even corona warriors were confused including the private practitioners. People hesitated to do their duty fully. “When time changes, we need to stand out and change with the outside world. Otherwise, we have no chance to cope with the present.”At that time, Shri Narendra Modi ji said, “Aafat ko avasar mei badle.(Make an Opportunity out of the Disaster)” This was the sentence that kept him motivated. Bhavin’s journey for expansion of wings started from here, although Grace was a proven brand well before Covid came into existence.. In his opinion, Aafat was that people and their businesses are affected by the pandemic and many are left confused on how to earn a living. Bhavin gave a thought that if we could give something like the expansion of the Grace laboratory platform for people to earn and also support the health industry.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Healthcare

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