Raseshvari Hindustani

Raseshvari Hindustani

Transformation Beyond imagination Foundation

“I’ve always been a ‘Seeker’. Despite being a mother of a young boy, my longing to seek inspired me to live an ordinary human life. I spent 8 years of my life in Radha Kund and it was life-changing. It was an inward journey. I realized that my power and my inclination were healing.I also realized that in our contry, things doesn't happen the way it should due to Caste, Religion, gender, etc and I, being full-fledged human being, decided to change my surname to ‘Hindustani’With the power I had, I could heal people. After I shifted back to my home with my family in Delhi, I decided to practice healing to help people.I realized that my purpose in this life was to heal people. Using my powers, I decided to bring people out of their mental problems. But the lifestyle change became a problem for me. With each month passing, my health was deteriorating. I tried everything to revive my health but nothing worked. One Day, a friend of mine introduced me to Access Bars. And I decided to invest in learning it and within a week of practicing, I got recovered completely and was living a medicine-free life.I call myself a ‘Walking-Talking Miracle’ because it was what I really am.Today I am a ‘Breakup Surgeon’, ‘Money Abundance Coach’, ‘Body-talk Expert’, ‘Access Consiounce Facilitator’ and ‘Energy Transformation Session’All I wish to say is. Everyone has to make a choice. If I can do it, anyone can do it. We just need to ‘Dare-to-Dream!

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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