Aditya Narain

Aditya Narain

ADJ Narain Group

“Despite growing up in a struggling middle-class family, I’ve always seen myself thinking big and achieving big. Barriers like Middle-class Mindset, Financial Issues, lack of resources, etc could not stop me from thinking high, I knew that one day, I will live the miracle. That one day, I will show the world who I am.When you think big, you’ll mostly think about doing a business. The same was with my father, he started a Pharma Company in 2009, and he took it to a next level. His business helped us get off the ground.I had been supporting my father since I was 9 but when I finished my education, it was my time to perform. I being a 2nd generation entrepreneur, I was an ambitious and energetic as my father. I started taking international projects, I would take website development, real estate, and data collection. Later, I, along with my family, founded ADJ Narain Group. I handled all business empires and expending their legacy towards the nation. As an entrepreneur, I’d face challenges almost every day but I look at the positive side of it and face all the challenges. There were times when I trusted the wrong people and suffered losses but something that I had learned from my father is to never give up. I’ve been very lucky to have people who have been a great support in my life and I wish to be one of India’s biggest contributors to its Development.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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