Babita Jain

Babita Jain

House of Prana

The House of Prana was launched in 2018. It was born from a simple idea of deep meditation. It is a lifestyle brand for the adventurous customer who wants both; colour and style in their life. The House of Prana stands for styles that are fluid and open to imagination. Our customer is independent, self- assured, has a unique trend-agnostic sense of style that is timeless. It seems Indians have adopted the cultural hybridisation model in response to globalisation with a balanced mix of tradition and modernity. Keeping this in mind, I launched The House of Prana, a label with international sensibility that has Indian roots, yet contemporary. We believe in providing the Indian comfort with a touch of modern luxury and style in one wrap. Pure Silk, Peace Silk (Ahimsa silk), Georgette and Pashmina are a few fabrics in our library that speak the language of lustrousness. Our scarves are made for people of today with the roots of yesterday. Using Peace silk, as a luxury brand, our commitment is to respect the invisible connections and life forms that create our sustainable range of scarves. The House of Prana was created to stimulate a conversation about aesthetics, wellbeing and optimal living with its customers. The aim is to elevate sensibilities as it embodies the qualities of living more with less. Through Prana’s accessories, women can dress up and dress down based on the occasion without falling prey to over consumption.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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