Riya Majumder

Riya Majumder

Riya's Reforma - Professional Bridal Makeovers

come from a business family and being an entrepreneur was always in my blood. Not only is this, the environment beside me while I was growing also inspired me in pursuing this path. I discovered my passion for makeup and always nurtured the fascination of becoming a popular makeup artist someday.While completing my boards, I moved on with my interest. With time I found that I’m always engaged with this and finally decided to turn it into my profession. After becoming an entrepreneur, I've always tried to serve people through my services. It's not just a business for me but a way to reach out to people. Through my work, I try to make my clients feel absolute best be in their weddings, or any other ceremony they're attending.

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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