Bhavna Arora

Bhavna Arora

Juicy Treat

Always dreamed of being an entrepreneur since my childhood although I landed up in a job in the tourism sector where I gave my hard work of 8 yrs. When I got married and due to many family commitments and other responsibilities I quit my job and became a full time homemaker. In ideal time I use to think to start something of my own and from there the idea came of coming into the world of skin care and hair products because when I use to see labels and products of other brands I always use to think how do they make it and how much chemicals they must be using to get it so attractive and useful. I always wanted that products should be less harmful for your skin therefore I started my own brand “Juicy Treat” where we are chemical free and cruelty free. Skin care means “taking good care of your skin” so I tried making it myself at home and then giving it to my friends and relatives on the initial stage to get their reviews. Gradually they started liking the products and advised me that I should take it as a career and must take it on a big level and focus on the same . I was so fascinated with these products and the positive feedback derived through this ended in a positive note.My journey was tough in the initial stage. After weeks of researching, attending online workshops, Cosmetic courses, brainstorming, and procuring materials I have set up the entire business and got the brand, Juicy Treat running in March 2018.The Biggest challenge ahead for me is to set up a manufacturing unit, scale/expand, collaborate, build a team (already in process) and get Juicy Treat to be the next big brand everyone talks about!

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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