MOBILITY TRANSFORMER builds customized motorized wheelchairs to help specially-abled people and senior citizens. Our product has received positive feedback saying it is beneficial and comfortable. We approached Balaji Health Care Center in Rohini for a demo, and they proposed to order two motorized wheelchairs every week. One of the local pharmacies offered to buy three to five products from us in a month. We started with a seed capital of Rs 16000 and made one motorized wheelchair. Currently, we are working on improving the model and adding features to it. We wish to set up an assembly workshop to work on the preorders from local hospitals and pharmacies. We want to create an online market for our product. We aim to make the product customizable to best fit the customers' needs and even make an electronic joystick to control the wheelchair, making it comfortable for users.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Healthcare

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